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Optimum Consulting Associates offers a unique suite of services designed to help bring clarity and expert analysis to our clients' workers compensation losses and Return to Work programs.

OCA Online

OCA Online

This unique web based tool allows employers to visually demonstrate specific transitional duty positions that can be offered to injured employers as a result of a work related accident. With a unique password, employers can provide access to attending physicians to review actual transitional jobs within their organization. Because it is done online, the physician can review each video job analysis from the comfort of their office or home.

Benefits of OCA Online
Provides an accurate portrayal of what transitional duty job an injured employee will be assigned to. This allows a physician to make a more clinical determination regarding return to work and less on the employees bias. Allows for real time review by the physician, so there is no delay in making a disability determination. This would provide cost savings on disability payments to injured employees. Demonstrates an official return to work commitment that may allow for discount on insurance premium in certain jurisdictions.

Return to Work Consulting Services

Whether you have an already existing Return to Work program, or you are in need of developing one, Optimum Consulting Associates can provide you with Return to Work solutions to save you money on the bottom line.

Workers Compensation Claim Review

With over 60 years of Workers Compensation claim experience, the team at OCA can provide cost effective solutions to your existing and current Workers Compensation cases. Whether it is working with the carrier directly, or with the employer, Optimum Consulting Associates can analyze each file and develop a realistic and cost effective action plan to move cases to closure. This will allow you to understand your exposure and plan accordingly for the cost of each claim.

Claim and Reserve Auditing

Optimum Consulting Associates has the capability to complete an extensive on-site claim or reserve audits of any claim operation. Our audits will determine if the appropriate reserving and claim-handling practices are being utilized, identify areas of improvement, and recommend solutions for adverse findings. It is our focus to make sure that the claim operation has reserves set consistent to best reserving practices. We aggressively handle claims to closure which we view as the primary goals of a claim operation. This service also provides a comprehensive report with detailed findings and quick turn-around.